Home Learning Update

Tuesday 5 January 2021

Home Learning

Dear Parents/Carers,

In light of the recent national lockdown announcement, we are keen to share with you our vision for supporting your child with their learning and progress whilst at home. We have a number of learning options in place should they be required and it will be down to you as a parent to choose a method that best suits your child or family. The safety of all children, staff and parents is so important to us, yet we also recognise the need to ensure that learning can continue to take place under any circumstance.

A home learning booklet has been created today with a variety of tasks and activities for your child to complete in the first week of lockdown. The activities include embedding skills that have already been taught in class and ensuring children have the opportunity to practise and apply their pre-existing knowledge.  Children are reminded to read regularly and engage with physical activity throughout lockdown to support their wellbeing. Please also visit the  Learning Zone on our website, which gives you links to other learning platforms to support home learning.

As a school we are keen to advance to an online learning platform in order to support pupils and provide daily lessons and activities for them to engage with. Class Dojo is a school communication platform that teachers, pupils and families use every day to build close- knit communities by sharing what’s being learned in the classroom back home through photos, videos and messages. It is an easy to use app that can be downloaded onto any device allowing pupils and parents to engage with videos and activities sent straight from their class teachers. Class Dojo will go live from Monday 11 January.

All children and parents will receive a personal log in, in the form of a password or QR code in their work packs. Please download the app or log in using any device to activate your accounts. Once signed in, your child will be able to see videos, activities and messages from their class teacher. Teachers will post a variety of activities at the beginning of each day for your child to complete in their workbook. Completed work can then be uploaded in the form of a picture to your child’s account so that it can be marked by a teacher. It is important that both accounts have been activated so that teachers can continue to give praise, rewards and encouragement to pupils as well as being able to answer any messages parents may have about a task. Please ensure completed work is uploaded within the school day as teachers will not be expected to reply to messages or mark work outside of working hours.

In the event that you are unable to access online learning by downloading the Class Dojo app, we will be able to facilitate paper based home learning packs. Please alert us as soon as possible that you require paper packs by emailing headteacher@hunsletmoor.leeds.sch.uk with your name, child’s name and request for paper based learning packs.

Kind Regards

Miss Bolger

Assistant Headteacher.

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