Important Information for drop off and collection times

Dear parents and carers of children who will continue to attend school,

Please be aware that the pavements and approaches to school have been very icy in recent days and may continue to be so during this colder period of weather. Please take care.

Our site team will continue to ensure that the school playgrounds will be gritted each morning. It may be during any snow or very icy conditions that we mark a path using cones – please ensure that you follow this path if it is in place.

Please can we also remind you of the opening and closing times for our school gates:

Start of the school day drop off time

Monday – Friday : Gates open at 8.50am and will close at 9.05am for the start of the day

End of the school day collection times

Monday: Gates open at 12.30pm and close at 12.45pm for collection

Tuesday – Friday: Gates open at 2.50pm and will close at 3.05pm for collection

Please ensure that children are dropped off and collected at the above times.

Thank you for your support

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