Letter to parents 9th September 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

In our newsletter in July, we shared with you our plans for the timings of the school day from September 2021 and asked for your feedback. We shared that we had found a number of benefits to changes that we put in place to manage COVID-19 measures and that in light of this, Governors would like to continue with the earlier start and end to the school day, to continue to provide the offer of breakfast to all children and to have the shorter lunch of 45 minutes.

We would like to take this opportunity to re-share the timings of the school day (below), these are the same as in the newsletter shared with parents and carers in July and also in the text link to the website sent out last week prior to children returning to school.


Reception- Year 6



Arrival: Main gates open: 8.40am

Classroom door open: 8.45am

Gates will close at 9am

Collection: Main gates open: 2.45pm

Classroom doors open: 2.50pm

Gates will close at 3:05pm 



Main gate opens for the morning session: 8.40am

Classroom doors: 8.45am

Morning session: 8.45am- 11.45am

Main gate opens: 11.40am- for dismal of children attending the morning session

Classroom doors open- 11.45am


Main gates open for the afternoon session: 11.55am

Classroom door opens for the afternoon session: 12pm

Afternoon session: 12pm- 3pm

Main gates opens: 2.55pm

Classroom doors: 3pm

Please note the school gates open on a morning at 8.40am and classroom doors will open from 8.45am

Please note the school gates open on an afternoon at 2.45pm and classroom doors will open from 2.50pm

The easing of restrictions means that we do not need to operate the one-way system around the school site as we did last year, and would like to remind you that you can enter and exit the school site from the 3 gates opened at the start and end of the school day:

  • the gate on Burton Road (will open at 8.40am and again at 2.45pm)
  • the gate on Fairford Avenue (will open at 8.40am and again at 2.45pm)
  • the gate on Burton Avenue (will open at 8.40am and again at 2.45pm)


We are aware that there have been a large number of parents and families waiting outside the front gate on Burton Road at 8.30am, so we are hoping this reminder will clarify opening times and also make you aware of other entrances you can use. Please can we remind you that although gates open at 8.40am, these will remain open until 8.55am. Although restrictions have lifted, please can we ask that you continue to keep a sensible social distance wherever possible when waiting outside of school and when moving around the school site.

It has been fantastic to welcome all of our children and families back this week and children have made an excellent start to this new school term.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Crawford & Hannah Darley


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