Aims and Principles

Early Years Foundation Stage at Hunslet Moor Primary

Welcome to our Nursery and Reception!

Here, at Hunslet Moor Early Years, we provide children with a stimulating and caring learning environment. We encourage all children to try new activities whilst learning about themselves, their friends and families and the world around them. Starting Nursery and Reception is an exciting time for children and we aim to make it as happy as possible. Children learn best when they are having fun so we aim to ensure that every child enjoys their time in Nursery and Reception and looks forward to coming to school each day.

Nursery Reception
Class A Class B
Class teachers:

Mrs Graham

(Class teacher Monday)


Mrs Waller

(Class teacher Tuesday)


Mrs Gray

(Class teacher Wednesday to Friday)



Support staff:

Mrs Clayton

Mrs Bibi

Mrs Usman

Mrs Bagdanavicus (cover supervisor)

Class teachers:

Mrs Griffiths

(Class teacher Monday, Thursday and Friday)


Mrs Graham

(Class teacher Tuesday and Wednesday)


Support staff:

Mrs Rowbotham (cover supervisor)

Miss Elvin

Mrs Jacques (Intervention)

Class teachers:

Miss Verity (Class teacher Monday to Friday)


Support staff:

Miss Aslam


Mrs Bagdanavicus (cover supervisor)

The Early Years Curriculum

We plan, teach and assess children using the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2017), supported by Early Years Outcomes and Development Matters. This Curriculum is used for children in Nursery and Reception as this is what we call ‘The Early Years Foundation Stage’. It is a very important time for children as we are building the foundations of learning, which will continue throughout your child’s life.

Young children learn by doing. This means playing and trying out new things in a safe environment. We will always encourage children to do their best and take part in a wide range of activities. We try to work from a child’s own interest, so it is always helpful to hear about what they like playing with at home and outside of school. We want to hear all about your child as you know them best. A key aspect of our Early Years curriculum is involving parents and carers in children’s learning. Each half term we have a themed session which we invite parents and carers to take part in with their children. We will keep you informed about out parent sessions, through our half termly newsletter.

Summer 1 2017:


Pirates Jolly Roger Flag 3

We hope that you have had an enjoyable Easter holiday.  Now we are looking forward to lots of exciting learning opportunities in Nursery in the summer term.  Our topic will be focusing on ‘Pirates’. As part of our topic work, we will be inviting parents and carers to come and join us for a pirate themed activity morning.

Class assembly will continue this term each Wednesday. In the morning, the door will open at 11.25am for five minutes and in the afternoon at 3.05pm for five minutes to allow you to join us. Our class assembly will give you opportunity to come and share and celebrate the learning your children have been doing in Nursery.



In Reception this half term, we are learning all about lifecycles. In class, we have planted broad beans and have been observing how the plants are growing and changing over time. We have been looking after the plants and learning what plants need to grow and stay healthy.

In addition to learning about the lifecycle of plants, we are very excited to have been given some eggs to look after from Meanwood Valley Farm. The eggs are in an incubator in the classroom for around twenty days and then will begin to hatch into chicks! We have been doing lots of writing about the eggs and chicks, including how to look after the chicks when they’ve hatch. Come and have a look in our profiles in the classroom to see some examples of our work.

Autumn 2 2016:



In Nursery, our topic for the second half of the autumn term will be ‘Special Times and Special People’. During the autumn term, there are lots of opportunities to recognise festivals and celebrations from lots of different faiths and cultures such as Eid, Diwali, Harvest Festival, Bonfire Night, Hanukkah and Christmas, alongside giving children opportunity to talk about special times in their own lives such as birthdays, a birth of a new brother or sister or a family wedding.

In Nursery, we value our cultural diversity and enjoy talking about and celebrating the different things that are important to our children and families. We enjoyed having parents in school for the Diwali activity morning and look forward to inviting you back for a Christmas activity morning later in the half term. Read our parent newsletter to keep you informed of key dates coming up.


This half term, our curriculum topic in Reception is ‘Pets and Vets’. We are really looking forward to a visit from The Guide Dog charity as our enriching experience this half term. If you have any photographs of family pets, we would love you to bring them in as a talking point for our topic!

We also recognise that the autumn term is a busy time of year with lots of festivals and celebrations such as Diwali, Christmas and Hanukkah. We love to give children opportunity to talk about and share their special family experiences, alongside learning about different faiths and cultures. These opportunities to share our experiences are planned through our daily ‘Understanding the World’ sessions.

It was a fantastic to see how many parents joined us for our Diwali activity morning and we are looking forward to inviting you all to our Christmas craft morning later in the half term. We will also be inviting all our families to join us for our winter performance at the end of the half term.

Parents and Carers Make the World of Difference

We really value the importance of Parents and Carers and believe that you are the key to your child’s success. You know your child better than anybody and you can really help your child to succeed in life. We are committed to working with you to make sure that your child achieves their best. We are here for every child and every family.

If you would like to know more about anything please feel welcome to come and speak to Miss Kenny the Early Years Leader, or one of the Nursery or Reception team.

We look forward to working together with you in our Early Years.