Key Stage 1 at Hunslet Moor Primary

Welcome to Year 1 & Year 2!

Welcome to KS1

There are 4 classes within our phase and these consist of the following:

Class C- Chaffinch (Year 1)

Teacher: Mrs Read

Teaching Assistants: Miss Sturdy and Mrs Usman

Class D – Doves (Year 1/2)

Teacher: Mrs Bailey

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Clarke

Class E – Eagles (Year 2)

Teachers: Miss Wicks- Phase Leader (Monday-Thursday), Miss Colman (Friday)

Teaching assistant: Miss Johnson

Class E Breakout- Emus (Year 2)

Teachers: Ms Hayes

Teaching assistant: Miss Johnson


In KS1 our aim is to ensure every child feels happy and safe in school and enjoys their learning so that they are able to reach their full potential. We welcome parents and carers into school with any questions or concerns you may have. Please speak to any member of the team!

In Key Stage 1 we work in close partnership with parents and the Early Years Foundation Stage Team to ensure all children continue their learning journey in a safe, happy and nurturing environment, which stimulates their creativity and development.

We hope that together, we can engage your child in a variety of motivatinginteresting and exciting learning opportunities that will prepare them to become independent learners and achieve to their full potential.

All of our Key Stage 1 team have a strong commitment and dedication to providing the best possible education for children at Hunslet Moor Primary School.

In KS1 we follow a two year rolling program in which all subjects of the National Curriculum plus R.E. are taught through a thematic approach. We believe that learning should be meaningful and we give children the opportunity to learn in a way that is familiar and relevant to their everyday lives. Learning in KS1 takes the form of guided group workindependent activitiesteacher led activities and play-based learning. We use a variety of stimulating teaching styles and strategies to hook and engage the children in their learning, which include ‘hands on’ learning, visual learning through pictures, videos or demonstrations, and auditory learning through sounds and hearing.

Learning Logs and Homework

Learning logs go home every Wednesday evening for your child to complete and return to school by the following Monday.

Please can we remind all parents/ careers to sign their child’s reading journal after every book they have read to ensure that their book is changed regularly.

Autumn 1

In our first half term of the new school year we are excited to learn all about each other through our theme ‘Ourselves’. During our learning challenge work, the children in Year 1 will learn about food that is associated with different cultures and special times and will begin to think about our local environment.  In Year 2, the children will consider the importance of eating healthily and the importance of physical activity, sleep and rest. They will also consider our local environment in relation to the countries of the United Kingdom.

Local library visits

Each class will be visiting the local library on Dewsbury road in October for a library skills session. Following this, the children will have the opportunity to visit the local library, with each class rotating these visits throughout the year.

We encourage all children to visit their local library outside of school regularly to encourage children to make their own book choices and to continue to read for pleasure. If you want any further information about borrowing books from the library, either pop into your local library or speak to Miss Wicks, who will be able to give you further information.

Thank you for taking the time to browse our section of the school website, we hope you find it informative and useful – please come back soon!