Lower Key Stage 2 at Hunslet Moor Primary

Welcome to Year 3 & Year 4!


Welcome to Lower Key Stage 2!

Autumn 1 2018 – Welcome back!

Within Lower Key Stage 2, our aim is to work alongside our pupils to ensure they reach their fullest potential by unlocking mind sets and achieving the best in their learning. We set high expectations of all children within our care and strive to create an engaging environment that promotes independence and installs a creative imagination

Geography topic

This half term, Year 3 and Year 4 will learn a range of skills in Geography through our topic ‘Our World Near and Far’.

We will be learning about weather patterns, landscapes maps and atlases from different countries around the world.


Year 3 Can you see me? Light

– What do we need to see?
– How can we make things easier to see at night?
– What do mirrors do?
– How can I make a shadow?

Year 4 Human impact
– What impact do humans have locally?
– How can we find out about litter?
– What happens when a food chain is broken?


Year 3 will be reading the text ‘Meerkat Mail’ and creating their own post cards.

Year 4 will be focusing on the text ‘Masai and I’ and learning about the features of a letter to be able to create their own.


Year 3– Place Value

Year 4– Roman numerals and Place Value


Year 3 and 4 will be learning team games and skills for indoor and Outdoor P.E.

Please make sure your P.E kit is brought to school every week.


Year 3

RE: What does it mean to be a Jew?

PSHCE: Managing risks, anti-bullying

Year 4

RE: How are important events remembered in ceremonies?

PSHCE: Managing risks, anti-bullying