Year 4 Residential

Year 4 pupils recently took part in a three day residential to Lineham Farm Children’s Centre. It was a time to learn about the importance of team work and put their problem solving and communication skills to the test!

The children also took on responsibilities like making their own beds on arrival, washing the pots after dinner and keeping their rooms tidy. They enjoyed tasty meals each day and during the evenings played in the games room and had a movie night!

All of the activities were led by experienced members of staff from Lineham Farm and the children were spilt into four groups. The children took part in a whole range of activities including; cycling, climbing, country walking, animal care and Lineham explorers! We experienced the great outdoors and had the opportunity to build our own den and fire to roast marshmallows!

Overall the children had an amazing time at Lineham Farm and were able to experience staying away from home for a short period of time whilst taking part in a range of skill developing activities.