Upper Key Stage 2 at Hunslet Moor Primary

Welcome to Year 5 & Year 6!


Our team:

There are 4 classes within UKS2 Phase and these consist of the following:

Class: Class Ibis               (Year 5) Class Jackdaw    (Mixed Year 5/6) Class Kestrel    (Year 6) Class Kite                (Year 6)
Teacher: Miss Robinson Miss Spencer (Phase Leader) Mr Walker Miss Rajchel
Support staff: Miss Spencer Miss Dutton

Upper Key Stage 2

In UKS2 we know that it is essential to get your child ready for the SATs whilst still giving them to opportunity for a broad and exciting curriculum. We put this at the heart of everything that we do.

Spring 1

This term, we are looking at World War 2. We will be learning all about the reasons for the war, who was involved and what it was like for the people who were alive at that time.

We are learning all about what people went through in war time and how life was different. We will be looking at how bombings affected the country.

We will also be creating art based around the propaganda posters that were used in the war.

And finally, we will be having parents in to see our work and to join in with our WWII experience day.


Autumn 2

In Autumn 2, we will be learning all about India!

We will be learning about where India is, what its topographical features are and what the culture is like. We will also be cooking this term as well as creating some very exciting art.

Our science will be looking at chemical reactions which will be very exciting!

Autumn 1

Our Autumn 1 topic is Ancient Maya. The children will be learning about what life was like in the Mayan period and what we still use today, such as chocolate!


They will be looking at a range or resources and deciding which ones are the most useful to teach us about the time. They will be creating statues out of clay, learning about where the Mayans were from and doing some cooking!


In science, we are learning all about different materials and thinking about what sort of materials we might use in our new school!



Home Learning


Learning journals come home every Wednesday and are due back in on Mondays. Children who have made brilliant effort will get the chance to earn a prize for their work. The best pieces are sent to Miss Darley for an extra special award!




Reading records go home every day and children are expected to read at home daily. These can be any books that interest the children. We ask that parents sign the reading records to show that the children are doing this at home.

If you have any questions about anything related to UKS2, please feel free to speak to UKS2 Phase Leader, Miss Spencer. Appointments can be made through the office.

Summer 1 2017: Vincent van Gogh


This half term, UKS2 will be learning all about Vincent van Gogh. We will be creating art based on his work and learning all about his life. We will then be inviting parents in to come and have a look at the great work that we have done!

In year 6, SATs will be taking place from the 8th – 11th May. Keep you eye out for letters relating to this. We will be running a SATs breakfast that is free of charge for these dates and we encourage all year 6 to come along.

After the hard work of the SATs is done, we will be heading off to Dearne Valley for the weekend where the year 6s will be doing some really exciting adventure activities! Watch this space for photos!

Autumn 2 2016: Vikings

This half term are going to be learning all about the Vikings!

As part of this, we will be learning about where in history the Viking period was and what effect they had on our life today. We will be looking at what life was like for a Viking and how it is different to our lives now. We will be using our research skills to look at different sources and evaluate how useful the information they tell us is. We will be finding out about important historical events in this time period.


Autumn 1 2016: Brazil                    Choc

In our first Autumn half term, the children in year 5 and 6 learnt about chocolate!

We found out about the physical geography of the countries where cocoa is grown, the human geography of fair trade and what life in these countries are like. We focused predominantly on Brazil. We developed our researching and map reading skills and learnt lots of technical language. Not only did we learn about chocolate, we also made our own – applying our Maths, DT and English skills to create our own chocolate bar. At the end of term, we invited parents to come in and try the delicious chocolate bars that we made!

Two Willy Wonkas (Mrs Bailey & Miss Spencer) arrive in UKS2 to help celebrate 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl – and also launch Year 5 & Year 6 into their CHOCOLATE themed Autumn Term!

Alongside this, we also learnt important online safety skills and about growing up and changes they face. Science is an important part of the curriculum too and this half term Year 5 looked at materials and Year 6 focused on Evolution.



Thank you for taking the time to learn more about UKS2 and please visit our page again soon for further updates!