Upper Key Stage 2 at Hunslet Moor Primary

Welcome to Year 5 & Year 6!


Welcome to UKS2

Meet the UKS2 team:

Year 5 Year 6
Class 5A Class 5B Class 6A Class 6B
Class teacher:

Miss Webster


Class teacher:

Mrs MacKenzie

(former Miss Abbiss)


Class teacher:

Miss Rajchel

Class teachers:

Mr Walker

Support staff:

Mrs Gray


Support staff:

Miss Iqbal


Support staff:

Mrs Preece (afternoons)


Support staff:

Miss Dutton (cover supervisor)


Phase Leader: Miss Wicks

KS2 Bridge provision: Mrs Chaudry (mornings)

Interventions: Mrs Buckley

Interventions: Mrs Preece (afternoons)


We welcome parents and carers into school with any questions or concerns you may have. Please speak to any member of the team or make an appointment at the school office.

The curriculum

In UKS2 we offer a broad and exciting curriculum whilst understanding that it essential to prepare pupils for the SATs. Our aim is to work alongside our pupils to ensure they reach their full potential by unlocking mind-sets and achieving the best in their learning. We set high expectations of all children within our care and strive to create an engaging environment that promotes independence and installs a creative imagination.

Learning Logs and Homework

Learning logs go home each week (in line with our after school clubs) for your child to complete and return to school. Details of specific days will be on termly newsletters.

Please can we remind all parents/ carers to sign their child’s reading record every time they have read. This helps us know how your child is getting on with their reading at home and also ensures that their book is changed regularly.


Year 5: Mayans/Brazil

During the autumn term, Year 5 will be looking back in history at the Mayan’s. They will be learning about who the Mayan’s were, where they originated from and about the end of the Mayan civilization. The children will also be learning facts about chocolate! Through their work on Brazil, the children will be finding out about the journey of chocolate, making their own chocolate, creating a Brazilian dance and creating their own art work inspired by their learning.

Link to key vocabulary list:Brazil Word Mat

Year 6: WW2

In the autumn term, Year 6 will be taking a step back in time to a period in history when rationing, Anderson shelters, sirens, strategic manoeuvres, speeches by Winston Churchill and gas masks were commonplace. We will be studying WW2, looking at which countries fought against which, why the Nazis behaved as they did and the part both politicians and the common man and woman played in Britain winning the war. To complement their historical work, the children will be creating art work in the form of propaganda posters of the time, studying WW2-related texts in English and writing biographical accounts of key figures – nurses, entertainers and scientists – who helped change the course of European history.

Link to key vocabulary list: WW2 topic vocab

We will be sending home newsletters each term to share what we are doing but if you would like to know anything please come and speak to Miss Wicks, the UKS2 Leader or one of the UKS2 team.

We look forward to working together with you.