Dreams – Our Ethos



Aiming for Excellence; unlocking every child’s full potential

At Hunslet Moor Primary School we strive to create a welcoming, caring, learning community where relationships are based on mutual respect. As a community, we acknowledge the essential role that positive and respectful relationships have in developing an environment that enables everyone to feel safe, valued, happy and able to succeed.

High expectations for respectful behaviour and positive attitudes towards learning provide the foundations for our children to become confident, resilient and self-assured learners who take pride in their work and school, value their education and respect the views and ideas of our diverse learning community. Positive and respectful relationships are essential to creating a learning community that is free from cynicism and that promotes equal opportunities for all.

Within our school we aim to create a safe and orderly learning environment that is free from discrimination, stereotyping and derogatory language. We strive to create an open culture where we work together to tackle any forms of bullying and where children understand how to keep themselves and others safe and trust adults to take rapid and appropriate action to resolve any concerns that they have.

The role of all adults in teaching and modelling positive and respectful relationships

All adults who work within our learning community understand the importance of demonstrating and teaching the behaviours we are striving for and recognise that children will learn from our own actions. All adults at Hunslet Moor Primary School are committed to four core principles in their own behaviour:

  • Adults role-model positive and respectful behaviour at all times, both in their interactions with other adults and children; ensuring that the dignity of others is always maintained.
  • Adults show a firm commitment to developing a community founded on mutual respect. This is led through the modelling of their own interactions and in their teaching and learning.
  • Adults understand, embed and actively promote opportunities for children to understand their rights as outlined in the UN ‘Convention on the Rights of a Child’ (see appendices).
  • Adults have a duty to act quickly and appropriately whenever they witness behaviour that does not follow our expectations as a school.

Promoting positive learning behaviours and aspirations

At Hunslet Moor Primary School we capture our positive relationship and behaviour ethos in our commitment to develop DREAMS:


Developing a culture where children believe in themselves and have ambition to achieve will undoubtedly result in greater engagement and a desire to learn; enabling our children to make strong progress. Our commitment to developing children’s DREAMS enables us to work together as a community to create and maintain an environment in which all of us can thrive intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, culturally and physically.

We make clear our expectations of positive behaviour and discourage unsociable behaviour by promoting mutual respect. We encourage children to take responsibility for their own actions and behaviour and importantly we praise good behaviour and effort. We encourage children to discuss, reflect and consider the consequences of their actions.

A shared understanding of expectations:

It is important that expectations for positive learning behaviour and mutual respect are clear for all pupils. This shared understanding is developed through visual reminders in the form of collaborative class charters and re-enforced through all adults sharing their expectations and reminding pupils of these where necessary. Daily ‘check-ins’ enable adults to model discussions that are explicitly linked to developing positive relationships and learning behaviour, these ‘check-ins’ ensure that every pupil voice is valued and pupils learn to express their own views whilst listening to and showing respect for each other’s

Creating an environment of irresistible learning:

As a school we recognise the essential role that exciting, inspiring and relevant learning activities play in engaging our pupils and helping to ensure that positive learning behaviour choices are made. We recognise the importance of planning and delivering learning experiences that actively engage and cater for all pupils, which have a pace and provide opportunities for all pupils to progress

Ensuring calm and safe movement through school

All adults have a responsibility to ensure that any groups or individual pupils moving around our school do so in a safe, calm and respectful manner. We recognise the important role adults play in modelling and teaching this behaviour; using regular stopping points; the use of quiet voices; showing respect for other pupils, staff or visitors and deploying additional adults to support this.

Rewarding and encouraging positive relationships and learning behaviour:

  • Instant verbal praise or written comment on work where appropriate
  • Positive acknowledgements for achievement, effort, attitude and all other positive aspects of DREAMS behaviour
  • Weekly celebration assemblies and Star of the Week trophies recognise those children with outstanding behaviour and link to DREAMS
  • Termly postcards home to praise children
  • Conversations with parents and families to praise positive learning behaviour and relationships
  • Displaying children’s work in the classroom to acknowledge their achievements
  • Team/table points & stickers
  • Class targets & agreed rewards
  • Prefects and hall monitors in Year 6 have specific responsibilities to promote, demonstrate and praise positive behaviour
  • Our PSHE lessons and assemblies promote learning and discussion about tolerance and respect for different opinions and ideas and the importance of British Values
  • Lunchtimes: stickers for good manners, behaviour, helpfulness at lunchtime.
  • Visiting the Head Teacher or senior management team for praise.

Expectations for positive behaviour and relationships

It is an expectation that all adults within our community provide expectations that are consistent and promote inclusive and tolerant approaches to relationships with others and positive approaches to learning inside and outside the classroom.

  • Each class has a responsibility to work together to develop its own class behaviour charter that embeds the principles of DREAMS and Rights Respecting.
  • It is the responsibility of adults to ensure that the consequences of choosing not to follow these expectations are shared and understood.
  • It is the responsibility of adults to ensure that they apply these consequences consistently and fairly, communicating clearly and calmly with children and using their judgement in situations where a different approach may be required.

Anti-Bullying Statement

At Hunslet Moor Primary School, we define bullying as ‘behaviour, which intentionally hurts or harms another person, either physically, mentally or both’. Usually in cases of bullying, one party feels more powerful than another. Bullying includes using threatening or intimidating behaviour, name calling, violence, threatened violence, isolation, ridicule or indirect action such as spreading unpleasant stories about someone. Where bullying exists the victims must feel confident to approach any adult within the school who will take quick and appropriate action according to our Anti Bullying Policy. It is our aim to consistently challenge attitudes about bullying behaviour, including online bullying, and ensure that children understand how to keep themselves and others safe and trust adults to take rapid and appropriate action to resolve any concerns that they have.

Download our Anti-bullying Policy.