Our Staff

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Hannah Darley – Head teacher  

(currently on maternity leave)      



Lucy Bolger – Assistant Headteacher      

EYFS & KS1 strategic leader:  Teaching & learning and behaviour lead. Computing subject leader. Lunchtime provision. After School Clubs. New arrivals and interventions for EYFS and KS1

Charlene Wicks – Assistant Headteacher    (part time 0.8)

KS2 strategic leader: Teaching and learning and behaviour lead. English leader (focus- reading), EVC lead, Curriculum leader. UPKS2 phase leader New arrivals and interventions for KS2


Sarah Newton – School Business Manager

Finance Marketing & Promotion; Governor Support; Educational Visits AdministrationPolicy Review; MIS (inc. SIMs and statutory returns)




Simon Crawford – Acting Headteacher    

Leadership & Management. Standards & Progress. Assessment lead. Curriculum & Standards, Pastoral, Welfare & Safeguarding lead. School to school partnerships- JESS Cluster/LEODIS Alliance. Governance. SLT and SMT.

Monitoring & Evaluation of: Performance Management; CPD; Inclusion Lead; Quality of Teaching & Learning, Learning & Assessment; Safeguarding.


Fran Sorbie – Assistant Headteacher & SENCO (part time 0.6)

SEND curriculum and provision strategic leader. Pupil Premium lead. Support staff leader. Health, well-being and personal development lead.                         


Amanda Cloughton – Safeguarding & Welfare Leader                            

Designated Safeguarding Lead; Admissions strategic lead; Attendance & punctuality and School Appeals strategic lead; Cluster lead; line managing Family Liaison Team

Monitoring & Evaluation of: Safeguarding, Attendance & Appeals 

Val Haney – School Business Manager (part time 0.4)                                   

Health & safety; Premises; General Data Protection Regulation; Managing superintendent & cleaning team


Senior Management Team

Rachel Chandler- Senior Middle Leader

Currently on maternity leave

Chloe McPhee- Middle Leader

EYFS leader. Reception Teacher. Leadership and management of parental engagement opportunities.

Petra Rajchel – Middle leader

Year 6 Teacher; Writing (inc/SPaG) leader. Art Leader


Sam Gray – Middle Leader (part-time) 

Nursery leader. Leadership and management of teaching and learning and behaviour across Nursery; SMSC leader.

Kelly Graham-Middle Leader (part-time)

Nursery leader. Leadership and management of teaching and learning and behaviour across Nursery; PSHE subject leader

Ruby Kaye – Middle Leader
LWKS2 Phase leader. Year 3 Teacher. THRIVE practitioner

Rachelle Hayes- Middle Leader

KS1 Phase leader. Year 2 Teacher. Maths Leader

Sian Bates- Middle leader

Year 2 Teacher. PE subject Leader. Sports Premium Leader

Teaching staff

Bianca Browne Teacher Reception Teacher; RE subject leader
Maria Read Teacher Year 1 Teacher; History subject leader
Michelle Verity Teacher Year 1 Teacher ; Phonics Leader
Amie Kane Teacher Year 3 Teacher; Geography subject leader
Emma Brough Teacher Year 4 Teacher; Music subject leader

Becky Robinson Teacher Year 4 Teacher; EAL leader
Lucy Webster Teacher Year 5 Teacher; MLF Language & Communication
Lydia Mackenzie Teacher Year 5 Teacher; Healthy Living (including aspects of PHSE & DT)
Tom Walker Teacher Year 6 Teacher; Science Leader
Shahnaz Chaudhry Teacher; Bridge Provision

Pastoral Staff

Amanda Cloughton Safeguarding & Welfare Officer Designated Safeguarding Lead; Admissions strategic lead; Attendance and punctuality and appeals strategic lead. Cluster lead.
Helen Simpson
Safeguarding & Welfare Worker Deputy Child Protection & Safeguarding Lead Officer, Early Help Lead; Family Liaison & Support.
Kerri Kassabian Safeguarding & Welfare Worker Deputy Child Protection & Safeguarding Lead Officer, Early Help Lead; Family Liaison & Support.

Sarah Harker Behaviour Support Worker Designated Child Protection Officer; Behaviour and Pastoral Support; THRIVE Practitioner; First Aider.
Claire Preston Attendance & Family Liaison Worker Designated Child Protection Officer; Attendance Lead; Family Liaison & Support.

Office Staff

Sue Richardson – Senior Administrator .Reception & Administration duties;  After School Club Administration; Nursery Admission Administration (inc. 30 hour provision); Orders; invoicing; reconciliation; finance administration.

Fiona May – Receptionist
Lead Receptionist; Office Environment/ Entrance; Post; Inventry Administration; Reprographics; Children’s Files (Pink & Blues SIMS maintenance (inc. arrivals/ leavers & data collection); Newsletter File; Book Labels; School

Kelly Waddington – Office Manager
Office team leader; HR and personnel; Dinner Money Collector; Website Maintenance; This Week; HT PA.

Den Tansey- Office Administrator FSM Administration; Kitchen Liaison; SEND, Medical (inc. First Aid);SIMs maintenance (inc. arrivals/ leavers & data collection); CTFs; Assessment Data Support; School Uniform Administration; Photographs; Meeting Room Timetables; Reception & Administration duties


Teaching Support Staff

Kira Aslam Teaching Assistant Reception; Lunchtime duty; First Aider (paediatric); Bi-lingual support.
Yasmin Usman Teaching Assistant 1:1 SEND Support in Nursery (ams); KS1 Teaching Assistant (pms); Speech & Language support (whole school); Lunchtime duty; Bi-lingual support.
Minu Bibi Inclusion Support Worker (part-time) Nursery Lunchtime duty; Bi-lingual support.
Monica Clarke Teaching Assistant KS1; Lunchtime duty.
Janet Clayton Teaching Assistant 1:1 SEND Support in KS1; Lunchtime duty; breakfast club
Claire Rowbotham Cover Supervisor Reception/ KS1; First Aider; Lunchtime duty.
Irene Johnson Teaching Assistant Year 3; Computing support; Lunchtime duty; Breakfast club
Jacqui Jacques Teaching Assistant Reception and Year 4 based KS1 Interventions (pms)
Tiffany Sturdy Teaching Assistant Year 3; Lunchtime duty.
Andrea Green Teaching Assistant (part-time) Breakfast club; Bridge support; KS1; Lunchtime duty.
Alison Whittam Cover Supervisor (part-time) KS1 & KS2; Lunchtime duty.
Karen Preece Teaching Assistant Year 6, Lunchtime duty; First Aider.


Nicola Dutton Cover Supervisor KS2; Lunchtime duty.
Rebecca Spencer HLTA Cover support across school;
Shorufa Ali Teaching Assistant

(part time)

KS2; Lunchtime duty; Bi-lingual Support.
Jane Buckley Teaching Assistant KS2; SEND Intervention Support; Lunchtime duty.
Anastasia Klavdianou HLTA Cover support across school
Rachel Humphries Teaching Assistant KS1: Lunchtime Duty
David Pople SEND TA 1:1 SEND Support
Rachael Kirkwood SEND TA 1: SEND Support
Lucy  Kitching Teaching Assistant Nursery
Fiona Telford Teaching Assistant Year 4
Michele Gray Teaching Assistant Year 5
Zeena Iqbal Teaching Assistant Year 5
Terry Rowe


SEND TA Small group work support

Lunchtime Staff

Gillian Logan Midday Supervisor
Jane Buckley Supervisory Assistant
Janet Clayton Supervisory Assistant
Tracey Grimley Supervisory Assistant  First Aider.
Wendy McVittie Supervisory Assistant
Susan Rayner Supervisory Assistant School Crossing Patrol.
Paula Winestein Supervisory Assistant First Aider.
Haleema Ali Supervisory Assistant  Firs Aider.

Premises Staff

John Worsnop – Caretaker

Paula Winestein – Cleaner

Tina Parkin – Cleaner

Antonio Ribeiro – Facilities Assistant