Our Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values

Aiming for Excellence; Unlocking your Child’s Potential

The core purpose of our school is to ensure that everyone learns, achieves and enjoys.
Our Vision

In light of national and local requirements and changes, the Governing Body’s and other stakeholder’s shared vision for our school is:

  • To become a high achieving community that will meet the needs of all pupils and their parents; and
  • To help pupils, teachers, parents and governors recognise and achieve their full potential.

This is realised through our school aims:

  • To nurture respectful, responsible children who reach their full potential.
  • To create an environment where every child is able to achieve, develop their self-confidence and nurture their self-esteem, whatever their starting point.
  • To provide stimulating learning opportunities and environments that engage children and promote a passion for learning.For children to develop pride in their work and in all that they do.
  • To celebrate all success.For children to behave in a way that promotes everyone’s enjoyment in school.
  • To create an environment where children feel safe and secure from bullying, racism and discrimination, and a place where they are assured of strong support from staff should they ever feel threatened.
  • To create a place of study that encourages a healthy lifestyle, good behaviour and high expectations, and achievements.
  • To embrace, value and celebrate all cultures represented within our school.
At Hunslet Moor we committed to providing a happy secure environment in which children thrive and develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically, thereby enabling them to make a positive contribution to their community.