Please click on the links below to see the relevant Hunslet Moor Primary School policy:

Assessment & Curriculum

Assessment Policy: Assessment Policy 2017_18 TBC FINAL 

Assessment Cycle at Hunslet Moor Primary: Assessment Cycle

Collective Worship Policy 2017:  Collective Worship Policy 2017-19 FINAL

Curriculum Policy 2017:  Curriculum Policy 2017_18 FINAL

Teaching & Assessment in Mathematics Policy: Teaching and Assessment in Mathematics Policy


Safeguarding & Child Protection

Hunslet Moor Primary School Child Protection Policy 2017 – Hunslet Moor Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2017-18 DRAFT

Familiarisation Booklet for visitors to the school – Familiarisation_Booklet 17-18  

Department for Education document – ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’: Keeping_children_safe in_education

Educational Visits Policy:  Educational Visits Policy 2017_19 FINAL

‘The Prevent Duty’ – Department for Education: The Prevent Duty – Department for Education


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Policy: SEND Policy 2017-18

SEND Report: SEND Report 2016-2017

SEND Local Offer: Leeds Local Offer


Relationships & Behaviour

Anti-bullying Policy: HMPS Anti Bullying Policy 2017_18 DRAFT

Care and Control Policy: Care and Control Policy April 2017

PSHE Policy: PSHE Policy

Relationship, Behaviour & Discipline Policy 2017: Relationship Behaviour and Discipline Policy 2017-18

Sex and Relationships Education Policy & Guidance 2017: SRE Policy & Guidance

Online Safety

Acceptable Use policy: Acceptable Use Policy 2017-18

Other key documents and policies

Complaints Procedure: Complaints Policy 2016-2019

Charging & Remissions Policy: Charging and Remissions Policy 2016 

Charging & Remissions – Leeds City Council Guidance on charging for school activities: Charging and Remissions Guidance – Leeds City Council

Equality Policy Equality Policy

Governors Statement September 2016: Governance Statement 2016

Governance Statement 2016 (2)

Health & Safety (Leeds City Council) for Maintained Schools: Leeds City Council – Health and Safety Policy  

Pupil Premium Impact Statement 2016-2017: Projected Pupil Premium spending 2016-2017

Sport Premium Statement 2015-2016 (2016-2017 statement due end of September 2016): Impact statement 2015-2016 Sport

Whistleblowing Policy for School-Based Staff: Whistleblowing Policy 2017_18 DRAFT