Anti-bullying Policy

Anti-bullying Policy

“Bullying in any form is always unacceptable.”

At Hunslet Moor Primary School we are determined to provide our pupils with a safe, secure and happy environment in which to learn. We expect high standards of behaviour and do our best to encourage our pupils to develop into responsible and valued members of the community.

What do we do as a school to prevent bullying?

We want all our pupils to understand the nature of bullying and the effects it has. We want children to know that bullying in any form is not acceptable, and that they must report it immediately if they or anyone else is being bullied. We want them to know that it is not acceptable for anyone to encourage bullying by others and not acceptable to do nothing if they know it is taking place.

In school we work hard to prevent bullying taking place.

Please read our Anti-Bullying Policy which clearly outlines our definition of bullying, the work we do as a community to prevent any form of bullying and the actions we can take as a school to support pupils and parents who are concerned about bullying.

Download the Anti-Bullying Policy Anti Bullying Policy – October 2020 – October 2022

What you can do if you feel you are being bullied


  • Always tell an adult, any member of staff at school will always listen, or ask your parents, carers or friends to speak to someone for you.
  • Ring the National Bullying Helpline – 0845 22 55 787 or Childline – 0800 1111 or visit

Parents and carers can contact: