DREAMS Stars of the Week 2019/20

DREAMS Stars of the week

Each class teacher in KS1 & KS2 awards a DREAMS star of the week award to a child or children who have demonstrated aspects of the learning behaviour we aim for as a school:


DREAMS Stars of the Week for Autumn term :

Week 2

1a Gabriella

1b Lucia

2a Hafsa- For showing a desire to learn and being a fabulous role model.

2b Simona-For having a positive start to year 2 and showing all the DREAMS behaviours.

3a Tegan- For always showing respect to adults and her peers and being a role model to other children.

3b Kenny

4a Marwa

4b Tayyibah- For showing all the DREAMS behaviours, participating in class discussions and showing respect to those around her.

5a Aimee- For having a fantastic, engaged and positive start to the year!

5b Gabriel

6a & 6b All the class for a fantastic start to year 6.

Week 3



2a Laiba for being a singing superstar.

2b Keyaan for showing fantastic resilience and having a go at a tricky question

3a Taeeba for showing more independence in her learning and always following the class rules!

3b Yonara

4a Fathima


5a Rahim for being consistently respectful and resilient!

5b Aliyah

6a Deborah for demonstrating all the DREAMS qualities, especially self-belief and not letting anything get in the way of her enjoyment of school and sense of self.

6b Thangim for showing such commitment to his learning by being focused, asking for help if needed and being generally hard-working, especially in Maths.

Week 4



2a Harrison for really improving his handwriting and always trying his best.

2b Abigail – for always being a fantastic role model in class.

3a Miguel for developing in confidence and always being a kind and caring member of the class.

3b May, for being friendly and welcoming member of class and showing determination and resilience during her Maths work!



5a Gabriella for increasing her self belief and constantly joining in with class discussion.

5b Michael A.



Week 5



2a Noah for being ambitious and enjoying his learning.

2b Dominykas for making fantastic choices in learning

3a Emma- for always being a role model and showing the DREAMS behaviour and consistently showing respect to both adults and children.

3b Mary,  for showing effort and determination in her writing.



5a Rozah for consistently showing engaged respectful behaviour and for trying her best in everything she does!

5b Arif



Week 6



2a Paris for working hard on her writing

2b Davi for making good choices and being proud of his friends in class


3b Ishak for producing a fantastic piece of artwork through sheer effort and determination and using reasoning to solve some tricky maths challenges. Well Done Ishak!

DREAMS Stars of the Week for Spring Term:

DREAMS Stars of the Week for Summer term: