School Admissions

Hunslet Moor school Leeds

Transition to Primary School

Applications for Reception will open in November 2019 and further information will follow

How to apply for a school place

Applications open on 1st November 2019. You will need to make your application using the online application form on the Leeds City Council website. This application form will become available once the application window opens.

The Leeds City Council website also provides a useful ‘how to’ video to help you use the online application form. This will be available from 1st November 2019.

For further information please go to: or speak to Amanda Cloughton (Safeguarding & Welfare Officer) or Fiona May (School Administrator) via our School Office for further information or support. Key dates and deadlines are shown below.

Date Stage
1 November 2019 to 15 January 2020 Apply for a place
TBC Offers go out
TBC Waiting list deadline
TBC Deadline for accepting offers and appeals
TBC Places allocated from the waiting lists and appeals held
September 2020 Start primary school

School Admissions

If you are considering your child/children transferring school or are applying other than to start primary or secondary school for the first time, Leeds City Council asks that you apply directly with the school.

The process for this is as follows:

Unless you are new to the country, before you request to transfer schools, you must first discuss that you are considering transferring with the pupil’s current school. Although it is important that pupils and parents are happy with the school they are attending, transferring schools can be very disruptive to a pupil and it may be that problems can be resolved if addressed. If you are not satisfied with the way the school is dealing with your concerns, you should speak to the Head teacher or the Chair of Governors at the school.

Following discussions with your current school, if you still wish to proceed with an application to transfer please visit our school office and request an application form to complete, or you can download it from the documents section on the website. Please return the completed form to the school either in person or by post.  Amanda Cloughton (Safeguarding & Welfare Officer) is available to discuss any concerns or questions you may have regarding transferring schools.

Hunslet Moor Primary School follows the Leeds Admission Policy 2020/21

You can access a copy of this policy here:

We will offer places to children in the following order of priority.

Priority 1

a) Children in public care or fostered under an arrangement made by the local authority. (see note 2)
b) Pupils without an EHC plan but who have Special Educational Needs, or with exceptional medical or mobility needs, that can only be met at a specific school. (See note 3)

Priority 2

Children with older brothers or sisters who will be at school at the start of the academic year and are living at the same address

Priority 3

We will give priority to parents who include a preference for their nearest school

Priority 4

We will give priority to parents who choose the school, which is not the one nearest to their home address

Sometimes there are more children wanting a place at Hunslet Moor Primary School than there are school places. When this is the case, places will be considered in order of the above priorities and any remaining applicants placed on a waiting list. Once spaces become available offers will be made based on the above priority criteria.

If we are able to offer you a place, we will contact you to confirm this either by telephone or in writing.  If we are unable to offer you a place then the Leeds City Council Admissions Team will contact you in writing to let you know about the other schools in your area and any vacancies at these schools.

You will have the right of appeal to an independent panel for the school you have been refused. If you want more information about the appeals process please go the related page for Admissions Appeals. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the admissions process please contact Amanda Cloughton (Safeguarding & Welfare Officer) or Nicola Dempster (School Administrator) via the School Office who can offer support or advice about completing the application.