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Recognising the value of residential experiences, the Governing Body has subsidised visits to support every Year 6 child having the opportunity to attend

Governing Body Annual Statement link below:

Governor-statement- June 2021

Governor attendance 2019/2020 :

Title Forename Surname Governors category Meetings Attended Not Attended Position
Ms Ali Elvidge Co-opted Representatives 11 5 0
Vacancy Co-opted Representatives
Miss Emma Marshall LA Representatives 17 8 0 Chair
Vacancy Parent Representatives
Ms Hannah Darley Head Teacher (maternity leave) 7 2 0 Co-Headteacher
Miss Jane Medley Co-opted Representatives 12 6 0
Mr Jason Waddington Co-opted Representatives 10 5 1
Mr John Rees Co-opted Representatives 10 4 2
Mrs Minnie Rahman Parent Representatives 11 5 0
Mr Simon Crawford Co-Headteacher 20 10 0  Co-Headteacher

Governor Profiles

Emma Marshall

I have been the Chair of Governors at Hunslet Moor Primary School for over 10 years and have been privileged to support the school through a significant expansion project, several Ofsted inspections and many more regular elements of the role such as staffing, school budgets and teaching and learning. As part of my role as governor I sit on the Resources committee which works with the Head teacher on  buildings and premises, staffing and financial aspects of the school and have a lead responsibility for Safeguarding, PE and sport. I am passionate about education and about giving all children the best start in life and feel that I can do this in some small way through my governor role at Hunslet Moor. I have a background in Human Resources and Learning and Development and have worked primarily in the healthcare and voluntary sectors.”



Jason Waddington

“I joined the Hunslet Moor governing body in 2011. At the time my eldest son was in year 4 and my youngest in Reception. I joined so I could give something back, and to help make the school a great place for children and adults alike. I brought my knowledge of Health & Safety and I am enthusiastic about being the lead governor in that area. My keen interest in SEND has also lead me to lead in that area within school, I enjoy working with our dedicated staff who continuously strive to evolve and improve the SEND provision.

Both of my children have now moved onto the next stages of their education journey, but I hope to remain as a governor at Hunslet Moor for many more years to come.”



Ali Elvidge

“I became a Teaching and Learning Governor at Hunslet Moor Primary School in  January 2019. I am the Head teacher of a Social, Emotional and Mental Health (S.E.M.H) provision, Reach Primary Learning Centre and prior to that have worked in three other S.E.M.H settings. I started my teaching career off in a mainstream primary school before moving into specialist provision. I worked closely with children, parents and staff to enable the Primary Pupil Referral Unit in Leeds to achieve an Ofsted grading of outstanding.  I believe that teaching and learning should include all children and be personalised to their needs.  Learning should be engaging, creative and purposeful.  Every child is special and deserves the best possible chance to succeed.”


John Rees

“I came to visit Hunslet Moor as a Verifier for the ‘Investors in Pupils’ Award in 2010 and was so impressed, that I agreed to become a Governor! The school has grown and improved significantly since then, and I am enormously proud to have made even the smallest contribution to that journey, and to remain a Governor at HMPS.

I am a self-employed educational consultant and am passionately committed to enhancing the achievement and life chances of children and young people, through school improvement and by supporting the professional development of individuals and organizations.

So, when I’m not ‘Governing’ I work for different companies and charities providing coaching, training and support around school improvement; Personal, Social, Health Education; Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development; Mental Health and Behaviour Management.”


Jane Medley

I became a Governor at Hunslet Moor Primary School because I can see how positive and encouraging the school environment is and because I value the impact the school has on the children and the wider community. My work as a chartered accountant and a manager in business gives me the skills and experience to be able to critically review the use of resources across the school and to appropriately challenge and assist the school leadership.”

Minnie Bibi

“I have lived in the area all my life and have enjoyed the diversity the area brings. As a registered nurse working in the NHS, I’m a huge advocate for public services and it was just by chance that I became a parent governor and the role I take part in is the teaching and learning committee, it really is completely out of my comfort zone but I absolutely love the challenges it brings and how it always makes me think outside the box. . As an Early years governor I love to see the start of the learning journey and it makes me feel really proud watching the pupils grow. In addition, I have 4 children at Hunslet moor school and they love the school and I want them to achieve the best that they can.”


Our Governing Body

Name of governor  

Category of governor and committees served


Date appointed and term of office

Relevant business/personal interests Any other educational establishments governed Relationships

with the school

staff including spouses, partners and relatives

Hannah Darley

Simon Crawford

Co-Head Teacher 01/09/2013-01/09/2033

01/09/2020- 01/09/2040

Vacant Staff Governor  


Emma Marshall Local authority Governor– Chair of Governors and member of Resources and Teaching & Learning committee. 23/10/2009- 04/12/2021 None No None
Minnie Rahman Parent Governor- Chair of Teaching & Learning committee 01/12/2020-01/12/2024 None No None
Jane Medley Local Authority Governor- Chair of Resources committee 04/09/2014-04/09/2022 None No None
Jason Waddington Parent Governor- Chair of Pupil Support committee 04/09/2014 – 04/09/2022 Workplace Health & Safety representative Leeds Schools Forum Committee member None
John Rees Co-opted Representative Member of Pupil Support committee. 04/09/14 – 04/09/22 None No None
Ali Elvidge Governor– Member of Teaching & Learning 30/01/2019- 29/01/2023 None Head teacher of Reach Primary Learning Centre None

We always welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas from parents – please contact the Chair of Governors, Miss Marshall, via the School OfficeClerk to the Governors: Joanne Raines, Governors Unit, Merrion House, Leeds, LS2 8DR