As a school we value all the different cultures and faiths we have that make up our school community, carefully planning how celebrations, such as Eid, Christmas and Diwali and key events, such as World Book Day, will be recognised through whole school assemblies.

We invite our parents/carers to join us during the weekly celebration assembly and our class assemblies.


Below is an overview of assemblies that are set to take place across each week:

  • Monday 9.10am – 9.35am KS1 & KS2 Ethos Assembly
  • Wednesday 9.10am – 9.35am KS2 Class / Singing Assembly
  • Wednesday 2.40pm-3.00pm KS1 Class/Singing Assembly
  • Thursday 9.10am – 9.35am Reception KS1 Achievement / Attendance Assembly
  • Friday 9.10am – 9.35am KS2 Achievement / Attendance Assembly

We would really love to see Parents and Carers being part of our assemblies. Please feel free to join us, whenever you have the opportunity to, at the Singing and / or Achievement and Attendance Assemblies. – you do not need to let us know in advance that you are coming.