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At Hunslet Moor, reading is our passion.

One only has to walk down the school corridors to see how much reading means to us: our hallways are filled with displays which show what each class is studying and the class texts that they are reading alongside each topic; there are posters on every door about what our staff members are reading at home; and in each classroom there is an inviting library filled with the latest titles featuring protagonists from diverse backgrounds which reflect the vibrant and multicultural community we serve.

We want children to love reading, and last year we launched ‘A Year of Reading.’ Planning an entire year packed with exciting reading-related events and activities has been a monthly reminder of how we have the power to change a child’s life and future aspirations through teaching them to love reading. From live, virtual-author workshops to coming to school wearing pyjamas to celebrate The Book Trust’s ‘Pyjamarama,’ we have done so much to foster a love of reading at Hunslet Moor. We are very proud of the success of a ‘Year of Reading’ and we are dedicated to making each year better than the last. We want our children to become life-long readers who possess the ability to serve their communities and achieve their full potential.

We have worked with charities and organisations such as The Literacy Trust, Read for Good, Leeds Libraries, The Book Trust, Scholastic, and Leeds’ School Library Service whose dedication to improving the lives of children through reading inspires us to make things better for our own school community. Visiting the local library weekly means that leaders from our local reading community become our close friends, and together we strive to inspire each other to read more and therefore learn more.

Reading Intent, Implementation and Impact

English LTP 2023-24 FINAL

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'I love that book on Pakistan because that's my home country' (3b reading corner)

'This is the best one yet' (4B reading corner)

'I love these decorations not just in the reading corner' (1B's reading corner)

'I love being able to see what they're reading' (books on desks in 5A)

'I love that beanbag' (4A's reading corner)

'I love these baskets' (1a's reading corner)

'I love this author; he wrote Toro Toro' (Michael Morporgo's picture labeled on box in 3A's reading corner)

'I love the lily pads made from books' (6B's reading river)

'I love the photos on the reading river' (2a's reading river)

'I love the photo of the class' (6A's reading corner)

'I love the bunting' (5B's reading corner)

'I love the blanket-it's cosy' (2B's reading corner)