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Parents and Carers

School Uniform


We want the children who attend Hunslet Moor Primary School to feel they belong and have a real sense of pride in our school.

Wearing a uniform goes a long way to help prepare children for the school day and supports their positive participation in the life of the school. Our uniform is an outward sign of the schools’ identity within the neighbourhood. Children wearing uniform will represent our school at all times.

Hunslet Moor Primary School Uniform

  • White or Pale Blue polo shirt
  • Blue jumper
  • Grey/Black trousers/shorts/skirts/pinafore
  • Blue/White checked summer dress
  • Black Pumps or black/brown school shoes are recommended. No high heels or open toe sandals. Only plain black training shoes (no corporate logo).
Uniwears – Harehills
369-371 Harehills Lane, Harehills, Leeds, LS9 6AP
0113 235 1256
Uniwears – Meanwood
18-20 Green Road, Meanwood, Leeds, LS6 4JP
0113 230 6272

or via their website


The importance to some pupils of the outward signs of faith is understood and recognised. Such items of clothing can be worn in a plain style and incorporating the school colours or core uniform items. Parents are encouraged to discuss this issue with the Head teacher if they require further clarification ensuring a mutually acceptable outcome is achieved.

Other dress code details

  • Track suit style trousers or jogging bottoms can be worn only if plain grey or black (stripes or coloured logos are not allowed).
  • No jewellery other than studs are allowed.
  • The schools embroidered logo or badge is optional, the wearing of school colours is not.
  • This detailed dress code applies to every child on roll at the school.

If a child regularly breaks the school dress code, their parent or carer will be informed by the school that non-compliance with the policy has become a serious concern.

P.E. Kit

At Hunslet Moor Primary School we recognise that Physical Education is an important part of all of our children’s curriculum.  Children take part in PE lessons each week during which they learn how to have an active and healthy lifestyle.  Fundamental movement skills like throwing and catching and balancing and running are taught in Reception and Nursery and by the time children reach Year 6 we aim to ensure that they are becoming increasingly confident in the skills, stamina and attitudes required for team and individual sports.  An active childhood gives a great basis for an active and healthy adulthood.

We believe that all children who attend Hunslet Moor Primary School should take part in PE and therefore must all have a suitable PE kit. We are determined that all children should be taking part in PE lessons where able and therefore do provide spare kit for each Phase, however this is to be used as a one-off. Where children are repeatedly forgetting to bring suitable PE kit class teachers will contact parents/carers to see how we can support.

We ask that parents/carers and families support us by ensuring that all children please come into school with a suitable PE kit in a bag every week.

Our Hunslet Moor PE kit is:

Indoor P.E. kit for all children:

  • plain, dark tracksuit bottoms or shorts (tights are not to be worn during P.E. lessons)
  • school P.E. t-shirt (with logo) or a white (or light coloured) plain T shirt
  • pumps must be worn by all children taking part in PE indoors

In order to ensure safety and hygiene, pumps must be worn in the hall by all children, unless appropriate permission has been agreed between parents/carers and the school due to a medical condition. Children are not allowed to work in socks on floors or apparatus. In KS1 all children change from outdoor shoes into pumps during lesson times and these pumps are suitable to wear during PE lessons (parents/carers are not expected to purchase additional pumps).

Outdoor P.E. kit for all children:

  • plain, dark tracksuit bottoms (winter) or shorts (tights are not to be worn during P.E. lessons)
  • school P.E. t-shirt (with logo) or a white (or light coloured) plain T shirt
  • a plain, dark jumper or cardigan (this can be their school jumper/cardigan) or track suit top.
  • trainers

Suitable footwear is essential to ensure safety during outdoor PE lessons. Footwear should be trainers and not strappy /slip-on shoes.

Once in school PE kit can remain on a child’s peg until the next holiday to ensure they have it every week.  We do however appreciate the need for older children to have their kit washed more regularly.  In these cases PE kit can be taken home on a Friday and returned Monday mornings.

Jewellery and other personal effects (such as spectacles, hearing aids etc)

To ensure children are safe during PE, jewellery should not be worn. Children are required to remove items such as earrings, necklaces, watches and these will be stored securely by an adult. Items, such as earrings, that the child may be unable to remove, will be covered by surgical tape as will jewellery worn for religious reasons.


Children with long hair must have their hair tied back in order to participate safely in P.E. lessons.


Headscarves, worn for cultural reasons, must be secured safely and be sufficiently tight fitting to prevent any part being caught on equipment or interfere with vision at any time.

Nursery Uniform

Uniform and Clothing

We are very proud of our school uniform and encourage Nursery children to wear it if they wish. Please ask at the school office on where to purchase uniform from .  Link for contact info:

In Nursery if you would prefer that your child does not wear a school uniform, they can come to school in their own clothes. Please be aware that young children often get messy when they are learning so please do not send your child to school in their ‘best clothes’ if you do not want them to get dirty!

In Nursery and Reception we work inside and outside in all weathers so please make sure your child comes to school with suitable clothing as shown below:

  • Cold weather-warm coat that can be fastened, hat, gloves.
  • Wet weather-wellington boots, coat with a hood.
  • Very hot weather- sun hat, sun cream applied before school.

Shoes and footwear

As we encourage children to run, climb and balance in our outside area, please make sure they are wearing the right shoes. Trainers and flat shoes are best-no strappy sandals or high heels please, as they are not safe to wear in school.


Nursery is a very busy, active place to be. Children are not allowed to wear jewllery for safety reasons. We are aware that some children may wear a necklace for religious reasons and we ask that they wear this tucked inside their top to protect their neck when playing and working.