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At Hunslet Moor we believe that all children should be given the opportunity to achieve their true potential, taking into account the importance of meeting the needs of each individual child’s learning, and their social and emotional needs.

We want our children to see themselves as authors! We encourage our children to have high aspirations and want them to acquire life-long skills which will assist them as they move through their educational journey and beyond.

Our writing curriculum follows the national curriculum requirements to provide our pupils with high quality English lessons which teach them to speak, read and write fluently; enabling them to communicate their ideas and emotions effectively. 

The development of language and communication is integral to our English Curriculum.

English LTP 2023-24

Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

Key performance indicators

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Year 2-6 coverage

Teaching & Learning of English Policy

Grammar Punctuation and Spelling Policy

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Writing Progression document 2023        

Progression in Grammar-Sentence Structure and Punctuation


Teaching handwriting effectively impacts the wider curriculum and the development of the whole child offering, among others the following benefits:

  • When children can write autonomously they can concentrate on what to write rather than how to write so their ideas and writing content will improve
  • A significant impact on children's self-esteem, when they see beautiful writing which they have created with their own hand
  • The huge effect of good handwriting on children's motivation and enjoyment for writing
  • Develops a strong sense of pride which cannot be measured by attainment level or standardised testing

As a school we use the achieving excellence in handwriting resources from Martin Harvey to teach handwriting.

Handwriting - Key Expectations

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We help the children build robust and flexible spelling strategies with an approach called ‘No Nonsense Spelling’, from Year 2 to Year 6. 

You can support your child at home with their spellings by providing a quiet space for them to complete their weekly homework and  ensuring they have regular opportunities to practice. 

No Nonsense Spelling Pathway/LTP